boothill50_1359442104_140   If you plan on doing a lot of sailing, cruising, living aboard or just day sailing. Not only is it nice to sail with someone who knows what there doing and loves to sail. But it better be someone you enjoy hanging out with.  Even if they are a novice sailor.

   I will take someone I like to hang out with and get along with over a good sailor who thinks they know it all.

   When you are spending time on a boat that is 25 to 50 foot you better have a very good 1st mate you enjoy being with. Even a 100ft boat sailing for days out at sea can become a very, very small boat with someone not so enjoyable.  If you have a Dream of living aboard with someone or going cruising, you might want to start off slowly. Go out day sailing. Then go out for an over night sail. Do a weekend and never get off the boat all weekend. Even if you are at dock. Do all your cooking in the Galley. A boat is very close quarters above deck and especially below decks. You can hardly pass another person on a boat with out touching. Could you imagine sailing to Hawaii,  for over two weeks with someone you found out after only two days Your already thinking of a way to throw them over board!

   I have heard of so many couples who worked So hard to fulfill their Dream of Cruising, taking off and sailing into the sunset.  Only to return and file for Divorce.

   When Shelia and I first met, it wasn’t long that I realized we liked a lot of the same things. We had so much in common it was kind of scary. We both loved camping, Ghost towns, old Saloons, road trips with no destiny, stopping at every Historical marker and country music. She helped me gather cattle and bring them in for branded and doctor n the new calves. Go on trail rides together, all the time we spent doing what we both liked to do, it was like hanging out with my best friend.

   Now Shelia had never been out on the ocean sailing. Oh, she had been boating on lakes and loved it but never out Sailing. So I set up a day sail out of Oxnard Marina. Now that I have been sailing for a while and was confident in my self, I was not going to take her out in less then perfect weather. The last thing I wanted was for her to get sick, and that would be the end of sailing.(Smart) I belong to the Marina Sailing Club and reserved a 32 ft Catalina to take out for the day. I could have taken a smaller boat, but I wanted her to feel safe and comfortable.(Smart again) When we passed the break water there was hardly a swell coming in, the sun was shining, seas were flat with a 5 knot wind. Perfect!  I raised the sails, Set a course for Anacapa Island, cut the engine, popped  a cork, and set back for a smooth ride. To make it even more perfect, about a mile out a school of Dolphins accompanied us to the Island. I looked up a said thanks. God had blessed us with a perfect day and Shelia Loved it!

416910_2719955051905_1963718525_n  All I am trying to say, is to share your dream with someone you love to be with, to hang out with, That is living Dream.

Everyone needs someone, to share their Dream With!

God Bless,


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