Deckhands Marine: The Boaters Best Friend

When the summer is over, we fair-weather fishermen and boaters put our watercrafts away for the winter. However, there are a number of steps we should have taken prior to  covering our toys.

I, like many other boaters don’t always think about (what should’ve been done) until that first spring morning, when the sun comes out and you uncover the boat. That’s when all the problems begin; the boat is full of water, batteries are dead, the oil is as thick as molasses and the outdrive is stuck in the “up” position. The weekend you had planned to be boating and having fun, will now be spent making repairs and may be costly (especially if you have to take it to a shop). By doing a few things to your vessel prior to dry docking for the winter, you will save time and money.

Now, I’m not a Mechanic, but I do own a boat. I have a 22ft Sea Ray that was dry docked for a year and a half, as I was relocating from Bakersfield to the Delta area. I decided to take it in for a tune up and a little TLC. What I thought would only cost a couple hundred dollars ran into thousands, due to my neglect. I won’t go into detail of my ignorance, but I will say that finding Deckhands was a lifesaver for me. The Wisdom and Knowledge of the owner (Gene) was like a breath of fresh air. At Deckhands, I found not only honesty and integrity, but a man that is a boaters’ best friend.

So, if your putting away your boat for the winter, stop by Deckhands in Walnut Grove. Gene or his right hand man (Cliff) will be happy to give you a list of winterizing tips. If there is any type of work that you need done, they can take care of that too. Deckhands also carries a large variety of new and used parts. From your vintage Crist Craft to the latest Yacht, Deckhands is your one stop boat shop.

If your passing through Walnut Grove, by car or boat, come in and shoot the breeze with Gene or Cliff.  You’ll find Deckhands to be one of the friendliest boat shops on the Delta. Tell them Cowboy Captain sent you.

Deckhands Marine 14090 CA-160, Walnut Grove CA. 95690

Phone 916-776-1370



Cowboy Captain








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