20150726_154921We were seated at a table for two at Rose’s Landing by the window over looking beautiful Morro Bay, CA. At the age of 20 I had not been too many fancy dining places. I was told that this was one of the best restaurants  for seafood on the bay. It was 1977 and the first time I had taken my (1st) wife to Morro Bay. Her parents were watching our baby girl, so we took off for the weekend.  My love for seafood landed us at Rose’s Landing, although I must admit the first time I had lobster I dipped it in ketchup! Yuk! Butter, I have now found to be a better choice. LOL. morro-bay-ca-649255_1280 I was feeling pretty proud of myself as we ate a Dining with a view fine dinner. We looked out the window watching the Sailing Yachts  moored in the bay, such a nice place. I spotted one sail boat all lit up with lights. People were having cocktails, BBQ’n on the aft of the boat and seemed to be really living the high life. I, at that time in my life was not even interested in sailing. But this looked like the life! I turned and said to my wife, “One day I will have a boat moored on this bay”.  She replied ” Not on $8.00 an hour”! Talk about deflating a mans pride! To this day, she doesn’t know how little that made me feel. I must have looked like dog with his tail tucked between his legs when I left the restaurant that night. Sometimes the ones you love can become the biggest Dream Crushers.

It was a few years later when I was invited to go out sailing with my cousin Ruben on his 25ft Catalina. Once again, I began to dream of having my own sail boat. Only this time I kept it to myself. I had started my own business in 1984, so a boat was out of the question for awhile,  It wasn’t long before I had bought a ski boat that was great for the family. Still, I wasn’t out on the ocean sailing ( I did buy my frist sail boat, a 25 ft Piver Trimaran a couple of years later. You can read that Story in my 2nd blog Cowboy To Sailor).

My cousin Ruben called me, and asked if I would like to go out sailing on his new CT 41 a William Garden traditional design sailing vessel. What a beautiful yacht! With beautiful lines! (He had up graded from his 25ft Catalina) Of course I said “yes”! That weekend we sailed out to Santa Cruz Island from Ventura. I knew then that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my days. Sailing! I began reading everything I could about sailing, I believe at one time I had 5 sail boat magazine subscriptions. I had stacks of boat mags, sailing books and every Yacht Sales Adds Magazine I could find.

Ruben called me on a Wednesday, an asked, “what do you have planned for this weekend?” I asked “why”? I may have found just the boat for you. It needs some work, but the price is right. He was right, she did need a lot of work! The owner just had her shipped out from the east coast. She had been commissioned in Oxford, Maine. Now back in the water, in Monterey Bay, her hull all re-fit and the top deck about 80% finished. Her two mast were laying in the boat yard waiting to be stepped with all new lines.

Two months later as we past the break water leaving Monterey Marina, I stood at the helm of my newly perch-est 40ft Mariner Ketch Sailing Yacht. She was a little old, but with her new refit, she was like new. As we left the harbor, this old wooden vessel was turning heads and I could feel her come alive under my feet. Heading south toward Morro Bay under full sail, her engine quiet, the sound of waves sliding past her hull, her sails full of wind and the spray of sea mist in my face, I could have not been more proud of myself. I said,turning to my Dad and cousin Ruben, “Dreams do Come True”!  It was 1990, 13 years after I had made the statement to have a boat moored in Morro Bay while eating dinner at Rose’s Landing. That weekend we BBQed and had a big party on my Sailing Yacht moored on Morro Bay!20150731_090919

So if you ever find yourself in Morro Bay, Ca. Go to Rose’s Landing, order a fine meal, with a local bottle of wine and look out over the bay, close your eyes and dream. Who knows, your Dream just may come true.



Tell Rose’s you heard about them here.


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