There Is A Place, Key West

DSCF5637 It had been a beautiful 3 days of romance and sailing, and though we were headed to Key West, leaving Key Lime Sailing Club and Key Largo was hard to do. The morning surprise of rain did make leaving a bit easier, knowing we wouldn’t be sailing in bad weather anyway.

Shelia had been awakened by thunder & lightning at 3 that morning. Jumping out of  bed, she looked outside and the rain was pouring, “What are we going to do?” she screamed, wakening me out of a dead sleep.  “It’s pouring, we can’t get married on the beach in the rain!” Shelia had made reservations with the minister for us to be married at sunset on a beautiful beach in Key West. To calm her down, I explained, “Key West is a 2 hour drive from here, the weather will be fine.”  I rolled over and went back to sleep. She returned to bed but laid there wide awake listening to the downpour, fearing for her “Perfect, Beach Wedding”.

6am the alarm woke me to the smell of coffee. Shelia was up, dressed, packing and every two minutes looking out the window to see if the rain had stop. “Mmmm coffee, how long have you been awake Babe? Pour me a cup please?” I asked.  “How can you be so calm,” she questioned, “its still raining?” I reminded her, “Don’t worry they say if you don’t like the weather now wait 15 minutes as it will change”. “Oh ya? It’s been raining since  3 am,” she sadly uttered as she handed me a cup of coffee.

DSCF5899 By the time we had the car loaded the rain had stopped, the sun was shinning and all was well.  We finally started our 2 hour drive to Key West, the last of the Florida islands of the Keys, with a few clouds and blue skies, “Perfect!

I had used some  Hilton points to reserve a room in Key West. We needed somewhere to freshen up for the  wedding and to spend our first night as “husband & wife”.

We stopped at one of the many islands between Key Largo and Key West for a late breakfast. When we walked out of the restaurant, it was raining again. I reassured Shelia that we still have a long way to go, the weather will change.  It rained on and off all the way to Key West. It was hard for her to enjoy the beauty of the Keys worrying over the rain. One of the coolest parts of the trip and kind of an eerie feeling was crossing the 7 mile bridge to our destination.

DSCF5609 DSCF5602

We arrived at the hotel around noon and it was beginning to sprinkle, Shelia went to check us in as I was unloading the car.  Unfortunately, check-in time was not until 3pm and Shelia wasn’t happy, “Oh no! That wont do, I’m getting married at 5:30, I need a room now! Please?”  Thankfully we were at the Hilton, the desk clerk was a woman and Shelia being Shelia, we checked in early.

By the time we got into our room, the rain was really coming down. Shelia called the minister, “What are we going to do?”  The minister replied, “I’m no weather girl, but we have a few hours, I think we will be okay, the weather changes every 15 min down here.” I wasn’t worried so I laid down to take a nap.  We had nearly 4 hours before arriving on the beach to get married. I told Shelia, “Get some rest, you have been up since 3am”.  No way was Shelia going to rest, it’s her wedding day and she needs to get ready. Two hours later this beautiful woman walks out of the dressing room. I could not believe how radiant she looked. I stuttered, “W,w,w,WOW! You are beautiful! All the worry at that moment left her and she smiled knowing I liked the beautiful woman I was looking at.

As I begin to get ready, Shelia asked if I was nervous at all? “No, this is what we came here for,” I answered. At 5pm we were in the car heading to our meeting place on the beach, the rain was beginning to let up. By the time we parked the car, the rain had stopped, the clouds had parted and the sun was shining bright against the blue sky. Shelia was happy, but all of a sudden I began to sweat, my stomach was becoming nausea. I felt like I was going to throw up! Shelia asked, “Whats wrong?” When I told her she busted out laughing, “Not nervous, huh? Ha, Ha.” After taking a few deep breaths of fresh ocean air I was fine.

We met the minister and photographer by a lone palm tree on the beach. The minister smiled and said “Great weather for a wedding!” We all laughed.


As I was looking at this beautiful woman on the beach, that I was about to exchange vows with, I couldn’t help but wonder how did I get here?  The Bible says, “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing”. So how did I get so lucky? All the things I have done wrong in my Life, all the sins I carry inside, why was God blessing me with this beautiful radiant woman? As we exchanged our vows, I now know why I had become so nervous. How would I ever, be able give her all she deserves? All I know is, God has given me this chance and I will spend the rest of my life making her happy and trying to be the man she deserves.

IMG_0029IMG_0052IMG_0056 AIMG_0093                                                                                                          November 22, 2013 on the beach of Key West Fl. I became the luckiest man on earth when Shelia said ” I Do “! 

Thanks To Paul, owner of for a great place to stay!

Shelia and Dale like to share their Adventure. Please let them know if you enjoyed their Story.


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