WWII Medals 70 Years Later

boothill50_1359442104_140After two years of researching, I finally was able to get my dads certificate of service and his service medals for serving in WWII on the ship Cape Georgia for the U.S. Merchant Marines.

We celebrated his 88th Birthday this Memorial Day Weekend, presented him with his certificate of service and service medals. What a perfect weekend to honor him, when we give Honor to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Scan0002 (2) CAM00393

He was all choked up and could hardly talk. Once he got his throat cleared and could talk, with misty eyes he thanked us all, gave thanks to God. Then he said something that brought a tear to my eye. “I wish my mother could have seen this, she would have been proud”. If you read his story (My Old Man & the Sea) you would know the one thing he counted on, during the war, was he knew his mother was praying for him every day by the letters he received from her.

Well, Mimi (Grandma),

Your son has finally received his much deserved Honor. It took 70 years, thank God he is still with us to receive them. I know you are looking down from Heaven, a very proud mother and still praying for us all.

God Bless all those who served and those who are serving now.

God Bless America!

Cowboy Captain

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