Best Kept Secret of Southern Cali,

boothill50_1359442104_140Well, it is getting that time of year to get your gear ready, load the the boat and take off to Catalina Island! Just off the coast of Southern California is the best kept secret of Southern Cali, an island paradise just 26 miles from Long Beach. It is a one hour ride on the ferry or motor yacht, or four to six hours by sail boat, depending on the wind (who’s in a hurry once you leave the dock).  All summer long boaters and tourist come to the island to relax, forget and leave it all behind at the dock. It can get a little crowded on holidays, weekends, but for the most part it’s just right. If you are here on the weekdays, you feel as you have the island to yourself.

DSCF8162 DSCF8163

Here is a short video from a fellow sailor to wet your appetite;


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