Welcome to Dreams, Sunsets and Sailing


Hello, to all my friends and my soon to be new friends. From the Cowboy Captain and his 1st Mate!

The reason for creating this blog, is to share with others that may have the same frustration as I do. Always working to make ends meet, never having the time or money to do what we love to do. I either have too much time and no money, or money and no time. Being in the construction business it is either a feast or a famine. And since the housing crash in 2008 it has been mostly famine.

I have always been a cowboy at heart and have been riding horses almost before I could walk. Sailing has been my other passion and now as I am getting older I am ready for sailing into the sunset! Find an Island some where, run naked on the beach with the love of my life, Shelia and enjoy life to the fullest! Well, that might not be a very pretty site, LOL. But you get the drift of what I am talking about.

HPNX0035       416910_2719955051905_1963718525_n

Channel Island Marina Sailing Club         Anacapa Island

I know that we just can’t pick up and leave all behind, but it is time to really start thinking about what is important in life. What is it that you really want? Travel, Sail, spend more time with your family etc. etc.?  Life is short and getting shorter all the time. We are the baby boomers and were not getting any younger (those of us over 50).  And for those of you that are a lot younger, believe you me, Time waits for no one.

This past weekend Shelia and I went to an all Sail Boat Show on the water at Jack London Square, Oakland, CA. As we went on one yacht after another, Shelia begin to catch the Dream and I rekindled my Dream. Now I have owned two sail boats, my first was a 25ft Piver Trimaran and a 40ft Mariner Ketch, the later I owned for 25 years. But like most all boat owners, you spend more time trying to find time to be on your boat then you spend on it. At the boat show I ran into a old friend, Bob Bitchin who is the owner and editor of a new sailing magazine Cruising Outpost. Although I knew Bob from a previous magazine, it was great to see him back in the game writing about what he loves, the freedom of sailing! As I was filling out the order form to receive my new Cruising Outpost subscription, Bob asked if I was still sailing, I said “No”.  He asked “why”? I said “Time and Money”. Then he said something that burned into my brain and will never forget, “You can always get money, but not more time, Don’t Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream”!

20150411_192356    20150411_161139

Me and Bob Bitchin                        Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show

So here’s the deal, I have decided, with the love of my life Shelia, that we are not going to just dream about what we are going to do, but we are going to start living the Dream. Part of living the dream is to first have a plan. We have a plan that we have started in motion (this Blog is the first step) for living and sailing on a sail boat full time within 5 years (in the Florida Keys). But in the meantime we will be spending weekends on our Sea Ray Motor Yacht cruising to Catalina Island & the rest of the Channel Islands.


So come along with us on this journey of adventure through our Blog, I guarantee it will not be boring. E-mail us and let us know your Dream.                                                                                 Dream with Us, Laugh with Us and Live Life with Us!




COWBOY CAPTAIN a.k.a. Dale Curten


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