Deckhands Marine: The Boaters Best Friend

When the summer is over, we fair-weather fishermen and boaters put our watercrafts away for the winter. However, there are a number of steps we should have taken prior to  covering our toys.

I, like many other boaters don’t always think about (what should’ve been done) until that first spring morning, when the sun comes out and you uncover the boat. That’s when all the problems begin; the boat is full of water, batteries are dead, the oil is as thick as molasses and the outdrive is stuck in the “up” position. The weekend you had planned to be boating and having fun, will now be spent making repairs and may be costly (especially if you have to take it to a shop). By doing a few things to your vessel prior to dry docking for the winter, you will save time and money.

Now, I’m not a Mechanic, but I do own a boat. I have a 22ft Sea Ray that was dry docked for a year and a half, as I was relocating from Bakersfield to the Delta area. I decided to take it in for a tune up and a little TLC. What I thought would only cost a couple hundred dollars ran into thousands, due to my neglect. I won’t go into detail of my ignorance, but I will say that finding Deckhands was a lifesaver for me. The Wisdom and Knowledge of the owner (Gene) was like a breath of fresh air. At Deckhands, I found not only honesty and integrity, but a man that is a boaters’ best friend.

So, if your putting away your boat for the winter, stop by Deckhands in Walnut Grove. Gene or his right hand man (Cliff) will be happy to give you a list of winterizing tips. If there is any type of work that you need done, they can take care of that too. Deckhands also carries a large variety of new and used parts. From your vintage Crist Craft to the latest Yacht, Deckhands is your one stop boat shop.

If your passing through Walnut Grove, by car or boat, come in and shoot the breeze with Gene or Cliff.  You’ll find Deckhands to be one of the friendliest boat shops on the Delta. Tell them Cowboy Captain sent you.

Deckhands Marine 14090 CA-160, Walnut Grove CA. 95690

Phone 916-776-1370



Cowboy Captain








Christmas On The Delta

Santa on a boatHere in Walnut Grove, we are enjoying a small Delta town country Christmas, where everyone wishes you a Merry Christmas and all are in the spirit of the Holidays. Smiles on all friendly faces, children laughing, excited that Santa will soon be bringing their wish list of toys.  Followed by the Christmas dinner with family all around the table and the giving of thanks for all their blessing this passed year. The only thing that could make this Country Christmas more perfect here on the Delta, is for it to snow!

                                                                                                                       From Dale and Shelia,IMG_0093

 Wishing you all, a very Merry Country Christmas and a Happy New Year where ever you live.



Welcome Home

20151204_103921Well, this is our new home, a quite little town on the Sacramento River. We have everything we need here restaurants, Ice Cream Parlor, country market with a great butcher shop!

We had our first welcome to the town by attending Wild Game Night at Tony’s Place, an old time Saloon and Restaurant. All you can eat wild game that was donated by the people of  the town. It was the best tasting and display of Wild Game we had ever had the       pleasure of eating.

20151204_104120The number of wild game dishes is too long to list, but I will do my best. Non-stop appetizers were circling the building throughout the evening: bison sausage, goose teriyaki, moose meatballs, cajun sturgeon, abalone cakes, salmon pate’, elk salami/cheese, fried abalone and fried calamari. “Our sampling” of the buffet dinner consisted of abalone chowder, elk/venison chili, goose/turkey gumbo, elk stew, another elk chili, duck tacos, venison enchiladas, antelope chili verde, venison/duck pizza, bison pizza, elk/chicken pizza, elk/moose stir fry, bison and elk shepherds pie and fresh cod (and much, much more…). I’m not sure how many volunteered in the kitchen, or in the preparation and service, but we were very impressed and an excellent dinner and good-time was experienced by all. Did I mention the price?  Everything was for the price of a drink!

This was a great introduction to Walnut Grove and what kind of people would be our neighbors. When we mentioned that we were new to the area, the people were full of helpful advice, like the best places to eat, good fishing spots and the Saloons with the Coldest Beer! (very important info)


Main St Walnut Grove, CA.


Churches of Walnut Grove.

So this is our new home and we love it!


By Dale Curten

Cowboy Captain

Let The Adventure Begain!

DSCF5637Well, its been a few months since l have been on my blog. A lot has happened since my last blog in August. Shelia and I have down sized from 10 acres to a small trailer on the California Delta, and we love it!

It has been a big adjustment for me; shut down my construction business,  sold all my horses and the one thing a cowboy should never sale, his saddle. But, I knew if the dream of being on the water was ever going to happen, I would need to make the permanent change from Cowboy to Captain. I needed to sell my horse and saddle.

Now that we have made the move, though it is small quarters, we are so excited!  We are able to walk out to the dock, board our boat and explore a 1000 miles of waterways all the way to San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate and be on!

Right now the Salmon are running up the Delta. Every day we see fishermen catching them. I can’t wait until we are finally unpacked and settled into our new place, so I can get out on the water and start catching some big fish.

Here on the Delta there are several Big Game fish to choose from, like Striped Bass, Black Bass, Big Month Bass and Sturgeon. There are also plenty of Perch, Crappie and Channel Cat fish.

Plus, duck season is in full swing right now. Each morning I watch Duck Hunters launch their camouflaged boats with there dogs.

Can you believe this? I’m in Paradise!

But, if hunting & fishing is not your cup of tea, how about a sunset cruise, or a wine tasting cruise, or better yet, an all day cruise to San Francisco Bay!

Next spring we are hoping to start our own charter business, so let us know which cruise you would like to take and we will reserve your spot!

Till then, I will be writing about life on the Delta!

Live Your Dream,


Dale Curten